Turn Your Home Into a HAVEN

This month we would like to highlight one of our indoor air quality (IAQ) champions, HAVEN. This manufacturer continues to impress us with their whole-home air quality management. The smart system is professionally installed and maintained to keep your home's air quality healthy and safe. The best part is their central air monitor and controller let you decide how to best address your family’s needs.


HAVEN’t you heard?

Your respiratory health affects your immune and respiratory system, mental health, and productivity. Your home’s IAQ is a major factor in how well you breathe. HAVEN addresses this by tackling air quality issues holistically. Automated circulation throughout the day enhances the HVAC system's filtration to prevent stale, unhealthy air. Air sampling when the fan is running keeps readings up-to-date. IAQ Controls automate equipment when your air quality isn't within ideal ranges.

An I.A.Q. App.!

You can be as hands-on or off as you want with HAVEN’s IAQ app. From your phone you can manage your air quality equipment automation, check your real-time air quality score, and track your HVAC filter lifetime. It also helps you in learning about more actionable ways to improve your air! HAVEN’s systems also easily connect with other equipment, creating a smart IAQ ecosystem.

Why is whole-home air quality management necessary?

A smart system like HAVEN’s automates your equipment to improve air quality without the need for manual action on your part. You aren’t left in the dark or out of the loop, you receive notifications when IAQ controls kick in during air quality events and when events are resolved. The HAVEN IAQ app allows you to check-in 24/7/365 on your iOS or Android smartphone, and their patented in-duct monitor provides 24/7/365 air quality insights too. There’s plenty to be proud of when it comes to HAVEN, you can learn more about their achievements here.