Update: NATE-certified Training Modules from Berry Global

Last fall, we announced the launch of Berry Global's NATE-certified training modules, starting with Module 1: "Tape Basics." We're excited to share that Module 2 is now available, and Module 3 will be launching soon! These modules are an excellent resource for HVACR professionals seeking to stay updated on advanced practices and technologies while earning valuable credits for certification maintenance.

Course Overview

In "Tape Basics," HVACR professionals gain essential skills and knowledge specific to tape applications, covering topics such as proper installation, selecting the right tape for various tasks and meeting UL and building code requirements. Now, with Module 2 focusing on "UL and Building Codes," participants delve deeper into understanding compliance standards and regulations essential for ensuring safety and quality in HVACR installations. Meanwhile, Module 3, "UL and HVAC Applications," slated for release in May, will further expand professionals' expertise in utilizing tapes effectively within HVAC systems.

How to Register

If you've completed Module 1, you're ready to progress to Module 2! Simply follow the link provided in your Module 1 completion email to access Module 2. For those who haven't yet started, registration for Module 1 is still open.. Signing up here not only grants access to Module 1 but also ensures you're enrolled for subsequent modules as they become available.

Our Partnership with Berry Global

As a proud partner of Berry Global, we're committed to supporting initiatives that enhance the skills and knowledge of HVACR professionals. We congratulate Berry Global on the successful launch of Module 2 and eagerly anticipate the release of Module 3 in May. Together, we're empowering industry professionals to excel in their careers and uphold the highest standards of quality and safety in HVACR applications.