HVAC Manufacturers Highlights

We want to continue to highlight some of the excellent manufacturers we represent through our blog, focusing on their offerings and innovative contributions to our field.

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Ventilation Products with S&P

A world leader in fan manufacturing, Soler & Palau Ventilation Group boasts more than 60 years of industry experience, and provides a full line of ventilation products. Their products are backed by unparalleled engineering expertise, and excellent efforts in both distribution and service, and their long-term success is the result of one simple philosophy– to create an air moving product that effectively and efficiently meets the needs of the customer. S&P offers residential, commercial, export, and OEM solutions for clean air.

Residential– Improving indoor air quality is key to protecting people’s most important investments in life, their homes and their families. S&P products are engineered to move air quickly, quietly, and efficiently, while also extracting pollutants and moisture before they cause issues in the home.

Commercial– Clean air for your business is just as important as it is for your home. For that reason, S&P offers a full range of products for use in essentially any commercial application. Their commercial fans are defined by their unique features, such as centrifugal fans that can be installed for the ventilation of bathrooms and range hoods; propeller fans for warehousing and manufacturing and jet fans for parking garages; utility vent sets for use in laboratories; ceiling exhaust fans to be installed in bathrooms; and gravity ventilators for use in commercial buildings.

Export– S&P exports to more than 50 countries worldwide. Previous projects include locations in the Turks & Caicos, Costa Rica, Peru, Dominica, India, Jamaica, and more.

ATCO– The Global Choice for Flex Duct Quality

With a full line of offerings for residential and commercial heating, ventilation, and AC applications, ATCO creates products that are built for the long haul. This brand is the global choice for flex duct quality. They have earned this honor because their goods meet the most stringent national and international standards. It is a commitment to quality that has led ATCO to receive numerous awards and industry recognition over the years.

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