Hardcast Rolled Sealant.jpg

This month we would like to highlight Hardcast and their rolled sealants. Improper sealing of ductwork can result in 25-40% air loss in HVAC Systems. With that in mind, don’t tape over the problem, seal it up with Hardcast rolled sealants!

Hardcast rolled mastic sealants are:

  • Code approved
  • Ideal for replacement applications
  • Easy to use with no mess
  • Approved for indoor and outdoor use
  • Zero dry time
  • Instant adhesion
  • Suitable for all ducts
  • True zero-VOC

These rolled mastic sealants can be used in lieu of, or in combination with, the Hardcast Liquid Sealant line.

Hardcast is a trusted name in the HVAC sealant industry.

Hardcast’s products are contractor approved and manufactured to exceed the highest performance and quality standards. Hardcast duct sealing and DynAir airflow management solutions ensure that your HVAC system ductwork complies with the latest codes. The sealing of ductwork, adequate airflow, and proper air exchange in a facility is critical to its health, comfort, and performance. Hardcast helps you meet these requirements, and Shupe Carboni & Associates is proud to be a part of that.