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Ambro Controls has been innovating how HVAC technicians braze, purge, charge, and seal HVAC systems for over 40 years now. Part of the Bromic Group, Ambro Controls began in the Australian HVAC industry before joining us here in the United States. Now, a new innovation from Ambro Controls is making waves globally, a thread sealant for gas and water.

Ambro Controls’ AS-58 Thread Sealant

The new anaerobic thread sealant is intended to replace Teflon tape & pastes and boasts a rapid cure time. NSF and UL certified, the sealing properties of this 1.7 Oz (50ml) tube of thread sealant are unaffected from -14° to +302° F. It also meets a rated working pressure of 290 PSI and has a high viscosity, once oxygen is expelled from the sealant it will activate and start to cure. With no drops, there’s no mess and no fuss.

The HVAC Industry is Stronger than Ever Thanks to Ambro Controls

Ambro Controls has always focused on portability, ease of use, and superior performance. This AS-58 Thread Sealant is just one more proud example of this pursuit. At Shupe Carboni and Associates, we always look forward to seeing what the experts at Ambro Controls will think up next. Learn more about Ambro Controls at our manufacturer page here.