Ambro Controls Oxyset Precision Torch and Disposable Refrigerant Promotion

Ambro Controls Oxyset brazing system stands as one of the most innovative products in the HVAC sector today. This portable, lightweight system has quickly made a name for itself within our industry thanks to its ease of use, compact construction, and professional contractor-grade performance. With a range of equally innovative products built for efficiency, Ambro Controls engineers all their products with the technician in mind.

Shupe Carboni is proud to represent Ambro Controls, and this month we would like to highlight two revolutionary products of theirs: the Oxyset Precision Torch and their Disposable Refrigerants.

Ambro Controls Oxyset Precision Torch

The Ambro Controls Oxyset Precision Torch is designed for use with the Oxyset system for brazing, welding, or heating. Engineered for precision in every project, the Precision Torch produces a thin flame tailored for brazing in narrow spaces. This helps create a more precise application, resulting in a weld that reflects meticulous craftsmanship. Its lightweight design, coupled with an easily controllable nickel-plated handle, guarantees user-friendly operation.

The torch's superior flexible twin hose assembly enhances agility, increasing maneuverability during tasks. Engineered for longevity, the heavy-duty construction ensures extended serviceability. The package includes the Precision Torch, three welding tips, and a 6.5 ft twin hose assembly with orange gas and blue oxygen hoses, all neatly organized in a convenient carry case. With a built-in gas and oxygen control handle, this precision tool is designed to deliver a perfectly controlled thin flame, making it the ideal choice for detailed work in challenging spaces.

Ambro Controls Disposable Refrigerant Promotion

Ambro Control's R290 and R600a disposable refrigerants are designed for convenience and effortless field unit recharging. These lightweight, portable cylinders house high-purity hydrocarbon refrigerants, making them ideal for a wide range of low to medium temperature applications, including domestic and light commercial refrigeration as well as air conditioning. Using Ambro Controls disposable refrigerants is a more environmentally friendly choice compared to traditional refrigeration options, and these refrigerants are compatible with other manufacturer's valves and scales to ensure versatility in usage.

Shupe Carboni Thanks Ambro Controls

The team at Shupe Carboni & Associates is proud to represent Ambro Controls in Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama and Florida. They are producing HVACR tools and accessories that have significantly improved on-site efficiency and ease of use for technicians, and it is a pleasure to see their success continually grow.

We would like to express our gratitude for the opportunity to grow alongside Ambro Controls. We deeply appreciate working with a company that is committed to innovation and supporting professionals in our industry with their products. We are looking forward to continuing our partnership for many years to come.