This month we would like to highlight Nelco, a world leader in cable tie manufacturing, supply and distribution. Some happy customers of Nelco include Apple, AT&T, Amtrak, Boeing and more! Their cable ties and wire management products are consistently of high quality and their unmatched expertise provides unparalleled service. If your business is looking for a wholesale cable tie supplier, Nelco can’t be beat!


Which Nelco cable is best for you?

When considering which cable product would be best suited for your needs, consider the environment it will be in. For most practical applications general purpose nylon will do the trick, but UV-stabilized nylon will have additional protection against outdoor sunlight. If your cable will be in an environment that’s over 185°F, you’ll want heat-stabilized nylon. There are far too many options for us to list in this blog, and we can’t recommend checking out the Nelco 2022 catalog enough when considering your cable tie product needs.

With Nelco you get over 35 years of expertise in cable tie manufacturing.

Founded in 1984, Nelco now manufactures and distributes the largest selection of cable ties, wire ties, heat shrink tubing, wire connectors, cable tie mounts, HVAC supply products, and related wire management products throughout the world. The employee-owned and run business continues to serve customers the highest quality cable tie products, over-the-top professional service, and fair and very competitive prices.

The Nelco Difference