Portable Instant Tack Spray from Hardcast

Hardcast has produced Travel-Tack, a portable instant tack spray system designed for fast and precise application. Travel-Tack improves job efficiency through easier portability and immediate bonding.

Travel-Tack System Specifications

Travel-Tack is a self-contained, portable instant tack spray system engineered by Hardcast to deliver a web-spray pattern. The low-pressure spray creates a fine, controlled mist of adhesive, reducing mess, uneven coats and clean-up time. The adhesive is instant-tacking, making it a valuable option for busy technicians who have several jobs to finish each day. By producing a precise adhesive mist with an immediate bond, Travel-Tack can seriously help reduce time spent on-site waiting for the spray to dry or cleaning up overspray.

The Travel-Tack system is self-contained, holding the adhesive and application equipment in one unit. Hardcast offers Travel-Tack in several capacities to accommodate various project sizes, with each unit remaining extremely portable. Traditional systems are often bulky and pose issues with portability for technicians in the field. The lightweight Travel-Tack can be easily transported from job to job.

In addition to increased efficiency, precision spray, and portability, Hardcast’s Travel-Tack is a cost-effective adhesive spray system. The lower-than-average cost paired with reduced wastage thanks to its precision spray helps make Travel-Tack a solid choice for any budget.

Shupe Carboni Partners with Hardcast

At Shupe Carboni, we understand that efficient service and innovative applications are essential for success in the field. We’re proud to partner with Hardcast for this reason. Their Travel-Tack system is a testament to their commitment to producing exceptional tools and products for HVAC professionals that make their jobs easier and help customers get service quicker.

Hardcast's products go beyond industry standards, designed to guarantee dependable, fast, and precise installation, all while achieving optimal efficiency, exceptional quality, and unparalleled cost savings. Their lineup of sealants, adhesives, coatings and more include some of the best applications on the market, and their recognition as an industry leader is well-earned as a result.