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This month we would like to highlight the texting service that Shupe Carboni and Associates has implemented and that we believe is making HVAC businesses more efficient, Prokeep. With this service, you can text us at SCA anytime at (800) 272-9548. There are a variety of texting services on the market, but Prokeep is the best choice for HVAC distributors for a few key reasons.

With Prokeep There’s No Phone Number Change, Text Us at (800) 272-9548

Prokeep lets customers send text messages to the same number they’ve been calling for years. If your business has ever needed to change phone numbers, then you understand how large the task is to ensure each touchpoint is aware of a new number. These customers, partners, etc. might not trust texts from an unknown number. Thankfully Prokeep allows businesses like ours to text from the same number that customers are already familiar with.

Big Names Trust Prokeep

Prokeep partners with the major trade organization, HARDI, as well as major wholesale distributors like Trane Supply, Ferguson Enterprises, and Southern Pipe & Supply. Industry names such as Blue Hawk, for example, also took time to consider a more convenient way to communicate with their customers and landed on Prokeep. When looking into cutting-edge technology to assist in making our communication as efficient as possible, these were names we looked forward to joining. Big names use Prokeep, and we are glad to be in on the secret.

Prokeep is Simple and Convenient

The fact of the matter is that texting is necessary for communicating in today’s world. Frequently emails get ignored and phone calls aren’t answered. Text messages are a way to get through to people, and for many of our clientele texts are the preferred method of staying in touch. President Steve Carboni shares, "I believe the capability to communicate with customers and end-users over multiple platforms will be a necessity." Prokeep allows you to do so through text with the ability to broadcast messages to all customers or targeted lists to keep relevant contacts informed on promotions, events, and hours changes. It cuts down on our employees’ workload too, allowing us to automate messages like appointment reminders.

Why Not Give Prokeep a Try

Prokeep is a messaging platform built for distributors, by distributors, and thus far has been an excellent addition to our business. If you are looking for an affordable text service built for the HVAC industry, we cannot recommend Prokeep enough. If interested, give it a try today with the free demo on their site. As always, Shupe Carboni and Associates will incorporate the latest technologies built for our industry and will share with you the best gems we find.