JB Platinum Flex Vacuum Pump Giveaway

JP Flex.png

This isn’t the first time we’ve written about JB’s Platinum Flex AC/battery-powered vacuum pump. As a reminder, JB stands for “Just Better” and their Dealer Design Award-winning vacuum pump is proof of this. For over 50 years JB has been making HVAC/R products here in America. Their Platinum Flex (available in 3 CFM or 5 CFM) is one of our favorites, and if you don’t own one yet, we recommend taking advantage of JB Industries’ giveaway this month and next!

Free Offerings with the Purchase of a Platinum Flex

HVAC/R technicians across the United States trust the Platinum Flex pump due to JB’s 9.0 Ah/18v lithium-ion battery and auto-switching dual voltage AC Adapter. This June and July with the purchase of JB’s Platinum Flex AC/battery-powered vacuum pump, buyers can choose between a FREE Velocity VL-100 or a $75 JB Industries gift card when they register their purchase online!

Reasons to Consider a Platinum Flex Pump

Additional features that set the Platinum Flex apart are its gas ballast and blank-off isolation valve, 1/2 HP DC brushless motor, and 15-micron vacuum rating. Its low battery warning light with audible alert and large, easy-to-read oil level sight glass with easy access oil fill located on the cover make this pump a champ when it comes to accessibility. An internal check valve prevents oil back-flow during power failure, an O-ring sealed oil drain valve prevents leaks, and a tethered cap to prevents oil spills. All in an effort to keep things safe.

JB Industries, a Shupe Carboni Manufacturer

Shupe Carboni and Associates is proud to have JB Industries as one of our manufacturers, and their field repairable Platinum Flex has helped hundreds of HVAC/R technicians. JB invests in getting their customers exactly what they want when they want it, and we truly believe you’ll want to take advantage of this giveaway.