Friedrich, Our Newest Manufacturer

We at Shupe Carboni & Associates are thrilled to announce that Friedrich has joined our proud line of manufacturers! Our network includes distributor principals, plan/spec reps, mechanical contractors, engineers and inspectors that drive the direction of the HVAC industry. This means Friedrich, who are recognized as a top brand of specialty air treatment products, will be right at home.

Who is Friedrich?

Friedrich’s product line includes a range of options for residential and commercial markets, including room air conditioners, through-the-wall units, packaged terminal air conditioners, portables and dehumidifiers. Specialty models are offered for hazardous locations.

What are some of Friedrich’s products?

Friedrich room air conditioners, including Kühl, WallMaster, Hazardgard and Chill boast innovations in control, customization, quality, efficiency, and design. Based on energy-efficient inverter compressor technology, Friedrich’s award-winning innovations mark a first for the HVAC industry. They deliver outstanding indoor air quality and combat humidity without larger, more complex systems. Friedrich is even a proud partner of ENERGY STAR®, one of the world’s leading programs for promoting energy efficiency and sustainability.

Shupe Carboni works with only the best.

We would love to help you find the right brands and products for your air. Give our team a call today at 1.800.272.9548 or use the simple contact form on our site. If you would like to learn more about Friedrich’s history look over their information here, or you can review our entire network of manufacturers here.