Commercial Ventilation with Clear the Air

At Shupe Carboni & Associates we are always proud of the innovations our manufacturers create. With a network of prominent distributor principals, plan/spec reps, mechanical contractors, engineers and inspectors like ours, it’s always a pleasant surprise to see what’s new! A creative and recent example of such is a podcast by S&P Ventilation Systems.

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Who is S&P Ventilation Systems?

Soler & Palau Ventilation Systems, LLC takes advantage of over 60 years of experience within the fan industry to offer a wide range of ventilation products. The company's impressive, long-term growth is the result of one simple philosophy, to develop an air-moving product that effectively and efficiently meets the needs of the customer, supported by unparalleled engineering, distribution and service.

S&P USA Ventilation Systems is based in Jacksonville, Florida. Focusing on the North American market, S&P USA's ventilation products range from innovative, quiet, and reliable residential fans to large, high-capacity exhaust systems for commercial applications.

Currently S&P's R&D, manufacturing and distribution facilities occupy a total of 1.1 million square feet, with offices and locations around the globe. S&P products can be found in virtually any commercial or residential application, ranging from innovative, quiet and reliable room ventilators to large diameter, high capacity exhaust systems designed for critical applications in some of the world's harshest environments.

Enough from us, listen to what they have to say!

It’s a well-known fact that every location demands proper ventilation. Luckily S&P provides Product Application Guides that have the solutions. In this episode of their podcast, they share their expertise on four commercial product applications, and we also get a sneak peek at two new applications!

Listen to S&P’s Clear the Air podcast here or on Youtube!