Flex Duct Solutions with Atco’s OmniAir

Atco is known for delivering exceptional HVAC products that solve common issues for professionals in our industry, and their flex duct products are highly regarded as the best around the globe. With their OmniAir 1200 flex duct, Atco has gone above and beyond again to create a commercial flex duct that improves installation and performance efficiency.

OmniAir - Efficient and Reliable Flex Duct

The OmniAir 1200 was designed to be an improved flex duct product, combatting common problems technicians see in the field when working with duct. Atco understood these issues: air leaks, labor-intensive installation, friction loss, inconsistent thermal performance, and more. They sought out to create a flex duct system that prevented these concerns, and in constructing OmniAir 1200 they have produced a product that really stands out from the crowd.

Here are some of OmniAir’s most innovative features:

Energy Efficiency. The air-tight inner core saves energy by preventing leaks and ensuring that the conditioned air reaches its intended destination.

Easy Installation. With an encapsulated wire helix, OmniAir won't unravel when cut to the required length, making installation quick and straightforward.

Smooth Airflow. The smooth inner core reduces friction loss, increasing efficiency and lowering operating costs.

Mold and Chemical Resistance. The OmniAir 1200 is highly resistant to mold growth and has been tested and certified to emit low levels of chemicals, ensuring a healthy indoor environment.

Thermal Performance. OmniAir is UL Classified for its thermal performance to the standards set by the Air Diffusion Council testing standards.

Durable and Low-Maintenance. Its reinforced metallized polyester jacket makes it tear and puncture resistant, requiring minimal maintenance over time.

Environmentally Friendly. The OmniAir 1200 is formaldehyde-free and made with Owens Corning EcoTouch Insulation.

The Ultimate Flex Duct System for Commercial Use

OmniAir makes an excellent choice for low-to-medium pressure commercial use, particularly in buildings with more stringent efficiency requirements. Compliant with UL 2818 for low chemical emissions, it ensures a safe environment for spaces such as schools or hospitals. Energy efficiency and prevention of air leaks can also seriously reduce energy costs for these types of institutions. Additionally, the OmniAir 1200 comes in a lightweight compact carton, streamlining shipping and handling costs for HVAC companies and reducing their overhead.

About Atco Rubber Products

Being the worldwide leader in flex duct systems, Atco Rubber Products never disappoints with their superior products and service. Atco facilities are strategically located for fast and efficient service, and Atco continues to show their commitment to quality and excellent craftsmanship at a competitive price for both residential and commercial HVAC products. Their OmniAir 1200 flexible duct is just one more product in their arsenal that reinforces their reputation as one of the most trusted suppliers of flex duct around the globe. Shupe Carboni is proud to partner with Atco, who is dedicated to innovative and top-tier solutions for the HVAC industry.