Find Parts and AHRI Ratings Through ADP

With increasing demand for installation and repair during the summer months, having convenient access to AHRI ratings and parts lookup tools is essential. Efficiency is of the utmost importance in our industry, and manufacturers strive to apply the same efficiency found in their products to their website’s usability. Advanced Distributor Products (ADP) understands how valuable web tools like these are to HVAC/R companies. Let’s explore the innovative tools ADP offers on their website to make parts and AHRI ratings look-up effortless.

Fast and Easy Lookup with PartsFinder

ADP has made comprehensive parts lookup fast and convenient through their PartsFinder tool. By simply entering an ADP model’s serial number, PartsFinder will quickly pull up all the replacement parts and accessories for that particular unit. They’ve even compiled size and function information for different parts so technicians can easily navigate through the data to find the exact part they need. You can also easily download parts and accessories lists for specific models during your search to save the information for later.

PartsFinder is available for use on all current ADP models from 2019 onward, with some availability for vintage models as well. This tool is an excellent resource and can help Counter Sales and HVAC technicians find the information they need faster than before, allowing them to focus on the job at hand instead of searching for that one specific part.

Get AHRI Ratings with Ratings2Go

Comparing and understanding AHRI Rated systems is crucial when selecting equipment that meets industry standards. ADP has made this process simple with their Ratings2Go tool. With Ratings2Go, you can easily find and compare the AHRI ratings of different systems rated with ADP products to determine which product is the most suitable for the job.

Just enter the OEM model, ADP product series, and furnace model into the search and Ratings2Go will immediately show the current status, SEER2, EER2, Capacity, and AHRI numbers registered with ADP coils or air handlers. This tool receives live updates from AHRI, so you can trust the information is up-to-date and comprehensive.

About ADP

ADP has been providing quality, flexible solutions in our industry since 1992. As the #1 producer of residential evaporator coils in the USA, they are in the business of being the best at what they do. Through researching, designing, assembling, and testing their evaporator coils, they have developed a broad offering of both rated and replacement products that make installation and serviceability faster and easier.

Wholesale distributors, dealers, and homeowners alike can all trust ADP to find a product solution that suits their needs best. Shupe Carboni is a proud partner of ADP, who is always innovating and focusing on the end goal - producing superior products that ensure customer satisfaction.