NATE-certified Training Modules from Berry Global

Continuing education is important for our industry and helps professionals stay up to date on advanced practices and new technologies. NATE-certified training for additional credits is critical for wholesale personnel and technicians who are required to keep their certifications current.

Fortunately, Berry Global launched its first NATE-certified training course in July 2023 to support continuing education for HVACR professionals. This first module is called “Tape Basics,'' and it focuses on tape selection and applications.

Tape Training Course Details

Tape Basics is designed to provide HVACR professionals with tape-specific skills and knowledge. Accessible for new technicians and seasoned professionals alike, it provides valuable training on tape applications. Through the course, professionals will learn:

  1. Proper tape installation
  2. Choosing the right tape for the job
  3. How to ensure UL and code requirements are met

There are three modules within Tape Basics with two more modules projected to launch in late 2023. Each module will provide NATE-certified technicians with one credit. The course is also easy to access and can be completed on a flexible schedule, allowing busy professionals to go at their own pace. Plus, Berry Global will notify NATE of course completion automatically.

Technicians can register for Tape Basics, the NATE-certified training module at Signing up at this link also allows you to sign up for the modules scheduled to launch later this year.

Shupe Carboni is Proud to Partner with Berry Global

As a leading pressure-sensitive tape and adhesive manufacturer for the HVACR field, Berry Global is fully equipped to bring this valuable training opportunity to those of us in the industry. Shupe Carboni is proud to partner with Berry Global and help this endeavor come to life. We wish them success in launching this NATE-certified training module, and we look forward to watching industry professionals, both seasoned and new, gain important skills from Berry Global’s efforts.