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Introducing the GeneralAire Model 5500 Steam Humidifier

The latest innovation from GeneralAire, the GeneralAire Model 5500 Steam Humidifier, offers an unparalleled solution for whole-building humidification. This device stands out with its independent thermostat function, which allows for operation based solely on the need for heat, thereby eliminating the intervention of the home’s system. The 5500 is packed with cutting-edge technology and design, making it one of the most sophisticated options available in today’s market.

Stay Healthy with the GeneralAire Model 5500 Steam Humidifier

Maintaining proper humidity in your home goes beyond comfort and convenience. By programming devices such as dehumidifiers and humidifiers to regulate the moisture content of buildings, you can help reduce airborne pathogens and prevent conditions like respiratory illnesses, allergies, and asthma. Additionally, controlling the cabin humidity level helps protect interior assets like wood floors, wood furniture, antiques, and musical instruments from costly damage caused by extreme or fluctuating moisture levels.

The GeneralAire Model 5500 Steam Humidifier Offers Convenience and Efficiency

The 5500 Steam Humidifier offers a convenient dual-capacity water cylinder and a drain pump to reduce the risk of mineral buildup significantly. Its dual voltage switch further contributes to efficiency by enabling the installation contractor to set the voltage for a desired output. This combination of features makes the 5500 an ideal choice for anyone looking for an effortlessly energy-efficient humidifier technology.

Maintenance Made Simple by the GeneralAire Model 5500 Steam Humidifier

Replacing a cylinder has never been easier than with sparkplug-style electrical connectors, providing verifiable connections. The GeneralAire GFX4 Humidistat further simplifies the process by automatically controlling humidity levels and activating the furnace blower motor to distribute humidity. It also offers an easy-to-read LCD display with 14 operational status codes and icons. In addition, the stainless-steel steam distribution manifold delivers durable steam, while dual steel mounting straps facilitate stud-to-stud mounting without any hassle. For all these reasons and more, we at Shupe Carboni and Associates are proud to partner with GeneralAire and showcase this latest accomplishment.

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