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Superior HVACR

Superior HVACR is one of the world’s leading providers of HVACR valves and accessories. They have earned a reputation over the past 90 years for products that don’t just keep pace with customer requirements but also anticipate changing needs. Superior HVACR is a manufacturer we trust for the quality valves.

Superior HVACR is certified to the stringent requirements of ISO 9001, which increase manufacturing efficiency and reliability. Automated manufacturing processes throughout Superior HVACR’s operations reduce touch labor, resulting in consistently higher-quality products. That latest technology lowers costs and increases quality. All Superior HVACR products are designed to meet the highest standards, and only quality materials are used. 

The Superior HVACR product development team includes experts in product design, as well as experts in the quality and compliance testing to create custom valves to meet your unique applications. Careful assembly and detailed inspection of every part ensure top performance and durability. They know valves are a system-critical piece of your business and we’re proud to partner with them.

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