ADP's FlexCoil Revolutionizes HVAC Inventory Management

In the midst of evolving HVAC landscapes, Shupe Carboni is pleased to introduce a groundbreaking solution from our valued partner, ADP. Meet FlexCoil – a thoughtfully engineered response to the changing tides of low-GWP refrigerant transition in 2025.

FlexCoil: Unparalleled Flexibility for Changing Landscapes

FlexCoil stands out for its adaptability, accommodating various refrigerants like R-410A, R-32, or R-454B. This eliminates the need for distributors to juggle multiple lines of coils and air handlers, presenting a streamlined approach to inventory management that aligns with the imminent regulatory shift.

ADP's commitment to simplifying the transition goes beyond flexibility. FlexCoil introduces reconfigurability both at the factory and in the field, empowering distributors to navigate inventory management effortlessly. This unique feature ensures a smooth sell-through of inventory, minimizing the risk of stockouts without the need for complex stocking strategies.

ADP: Paving the Way to a Sustainable HVAC Future

As regulatory changes loom, Shupe Carboni proudly aligns with ADP in presenting FlexCoil – a product designed not just for today's challenges but with a keen eye on the future. We are excited about the opportunities FlexCoil brings to our distributors, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with ADP as they contribute to a more sustainable and efficient HVAC landscape.