The Quality Choice Since 1974

We began in 1974 as J.T. Shupe & Associates. Jim Shupe, after working in the HVAC industry for the DuroDyne Corporation, relocated his family from Columbus, OH to Trenton, GA to start the agency. Those early years were a struggle, but Jim persevered. Based just outside of Chattanooga, Jim established relationships with wholesalers in Tennessee, Kentucky, and northern Alabama while attempting to secure lines with a couple of the few manufacturers that marketed their products through manufacturers’ reps in those days. Jim was fortunate enough to be named as the rep for Atco Rubber Products. In those days, flexible duct was a new concept. Jim worked closely with his distributors and their contractors to introduce flex as a substitute for sheet metal pipe and fittings. In the early 80’s, Jim was named the representative for Polyken Tape for the state of Tennessee. By 1988, Jim was well established in the market, and ready to add a partner.

Becoming Shupe Carboni

Steve Carboni earned his degree in Mechanical Engineering and was working as a project engineer in Chattanooga when he joined forces with Jim in 1988 to create Shupe, Carboni & Associates. Steve’s mission was to take the solid foundation that Jim had established, and grow the business by expanding the territory, adding complimentary product lines to the offering, and building the customer service infrastructure necessary to support the needs of distributors. In addition to securing several new lines, the business expanded into Georgia, lower Alabama, Mississippi, and the Florida panhandle, adding outside Sales people to service and grow those markets. It was also necessary at that time to set up a full-time office to meet the needs of a rapidly growing customer base.

1999, Jim retired. Shupe Carboni has continued to grow: expanding into Florida, adding outside sales professionals, along with the necessary technical sales and support to ensure opportunity for our distributors, and growth for our manufacturers.

"Selling to Sell Again"

Jim had a motto he lived by, and it was “Selling to Sell Again.” That attitude is in our very DNA. Our team strives to bring integrity and respect to every transaction and every relationship that we are a part of. There is no shortcut to success. Our very existence relies on our ability to demonstrate value. Whether that value is generated by working in the field to create demand for our distributors or providing market intelligence to our manufacturers to help them develop effective strategies, we earn our role as a Trusted Channel partner every day.