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New Opportunities with A-Gas and Ambro

A-Gas and Ambro Controls, two industry leaders, are bringing their “A” game with opportunities for distributors! It’s thrilling to see organizations like theirs create new opportunities for service techs and distributors in the U.S. and beyond. Here are some updates to be on the lookout for.

A-Gas’s Exchange Program

The cycle of the "Refri-Claim" cylinder between distributors and A-Gas is a truly efficient process. As end users turn in their used generic cylinders, distributors can exchange them with A-Gas for empty ones. For every cylinder, a processing tag is filled out and attached to its handle to ensure accuracy. Once the free shipping cage has been filled with "full" cylinders, it is sent off to A-Gas where the same amount of empty “Refri-Claim” cylinders are returned to the distributor. This streamlined process helps to reduce waste and keeps convenience levels high for all parties involved – distributors, A-Gas, and end users. Interested in learning more about the “Refri-Claim” exchange process? Get in touch with us to learn more.

A New Thread Sealant from Ambro Controls

The AS-58 thread sealant for gas & water is an anaerobic adhesive that activates when oxygen is expelled. There are no drips, no mess, and no fuss. Plus, it eliminates the need for PTFE tape and paste, which can be tedious to apply. With this high-viscosity thread sealant, you only need a single uninterrupted bead of sealant around one thread to get the job done. For those who are more safety-conscious, you will also appreciate its UL® Classification and NSF® Certification, which ensure it is safe to use with potable water. When tackling a new sealing project, the AS-58 thread sealant offers a reliable solution.

Ambro Controls has Also Improved OxySet

The OxySet mobile brazing system has been equipped with improved components to make the welding and soldering process even more efficient. New, stronger hoses and hose connections provide a secure fit once connected, allowing for long-lasting durability. The carrying case also received an upgrade - taller and wider than before - so that the gas cylinders stay more stable when on the move. Brass knobs for regulators now give users increased control over pressure levels when adjusting the flow rate. These features help enhance the welding process while providing service techs with a safe and reliable system.

Get Excited for What’s to Come from Ambro Controls

Service techs looking to purchase the newly improved OxySet can take advantage of Ambro Controls’ special offer! Until the end of March, they are offering a free oxygen cylinder with each purchase of an OxySet. Similarly, distributors can receive hefty discounts depending on how much they spend (5% off for $5k-$10k, 10% off for $10k-$25k, and 15% off for $25k+). This is an excellent opportunity for techs and distributors to upgrade their equipment and save money, so make sure you don't miss out!