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A New Innovation: GeneralAire Humidifier 4400A

This month we would like to highlight a thrilling innovation from GeneralAire, the new GeneralAire 4400A! This next generation of fan-assist humidifiers will be released in January 2023.

You Can Expect Great Things from GeneralAire Humidifiers

The 4400A is a whole-house fan-assist evaporative humidifier for up to 4,400 square feet. Compared to the current 1000 series, the new 4400 is a low-profile unit with a tighter chassis that is perfect for small installation spaces.

It comes with a heavy-duty and UV-stable lift-off cover and a hinged door, both of which provide easy access for maintenance. A safety “kill switch” turns the power off the moment the hinged door is opened, so safety is also prioritized.

The 4400A’s stainless steel water supply tubing allows for hot water service as well as increased GPD, and it’s equipped with a replaceable double wall drain tube and a spout that can be removed for cleaning.

This whole-house fan-assist evaporative humidifier includes the GFX4 Digital Automatic Humidistat which controls the furnace blower motor, eliminates the air proving switch, and can be used in manual mode.

For the GeneralAire Humidifier 4400, maintenance is as simple as:

  1. Lift off the cover and open the hinged door.

  2. Remove the assembly with the used Vapor Pad from the chassis, insert the new Vapor Pad into the assembly, then return to the chassis.

  3. Snap the hinged door at the bottom and return the outer cover.

Shupe Carboni and Associates is Proud to Partner with GeneralAire

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