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Milwaukee Streamline ACR Press Jaws & Ring

Joining copper pipes has traditionally been done through the process of brazing, which involves using a torch to heat the two ends of the pipe and then applying solder to create a tight seal. However, this process can be time-consuming and dangerous.

That's why Milwaukee, in partnership with Mueller Streamline, created a line of press tools with accompanying jaws that fit specifically to Mueller Streamline copper pipe press fittings. This product pairing makes it possible to join copper pipes by fitting and applying pressure with the press tool. Not only is this method quicker and easier than brazing, but it’s safer too.

We Are Proud to Partner with Milwaukee

We are proud to have Milwaukee as one of our manufacturers, and the detail they put into this product is a good example of why. An innovation like the Streamline ACR Press Jaws and Ring means no hot-work permits or fire watch is required as they would be with brazing. Not only that, but the press eliminates the need for a nitrogen purge, so there is no oxidation.

Anyone who has had to haul around brazing equipment also knows how cumbersome it can be. Not only do you have to transport the tools, but then you have to find the space in your worksite and avoid accidentally melting nearby seals when using the equipment. With the Streamline ACR, Milwaukee had the foresight to ensure that it could press up to 700 psi anywhere you can fit your arm. This collaboration between Milwaukee and Mueller allows connections to be made simply and safely, and we cannot recommend connecting with these manufacturers enough!